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Decinema Review

Decinema Review: Easily Create Videos with Cinematic Effects

Hey there! To get to my Decinema review today, I bet you want to see some real life experience with this software. Well, for that, I think you are in the right place! This software is getting so many compliments as well as minor but existing negative reviews. If you want to get the real assessment of me about this tool, stay tuned for my Decinema review right below!( aGB Review)

Now, if you have sometimes looked at the marketing industry, you might have seen the fact that video marketing are ruling the market. Everyone wants to use videos as the major tool for promoting because customers love them. They are attractive, engaging, and easy to follow.

However, with just an easy search, you can know how costly it is to make a sales video and how much time you have to consume to do that manually. It’s a big deal that many people cannot afford.

Well, Decinema is created to save you hundreds of dollars making videos to promote your campaigns. And the best part? Its output looks so real and attractive with cinematic video effects. With this powerful tool, you can absolutely get your customers on your list and skyrocket your profit!

Now, let’s check my Decinema review right below to see all features of this powerful software as well as my full evaluation of it!

Decinema Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Agus Sakti
  • Launch Date: May 7, 2017
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $24
  • Recommend: highly recommended
  • Customer response: Fast and Effective
  • Niche: Video

What exactly is Decinema?

Decinema is a brand new video creating software that makes cinematic-looking videos for you to boost your product sales and conversion rates. This software can do its work with just a simple material input and it also requires not prior skills to use.

Agus Sakti has spent over 8 months of passion and hard work to bring this powerful software into the market. Check the demo video right below and you will see that you can make videos with cinematic effects really easy. Those videos look like they are created with Adobe After Effects, but this time, you can do it just with Decinema.

Decinema helps you to skip months of mastering video creation and save hundreds of dollars for outsourcing.

Now, to get a closer look at Decinema, let’s see what it has inside in the next part of my Decinema review.

Video demo:

Key Features of Decinema

Well, Decinema has not only the major feature of creating videos but also many interesting things coming with the offer. Let’s check them out:

Creating Videos from PowerPoint

You don’t have to prepare high-quality materials to get a cinematic video. Everything you need can be covered with just PowerPoint slideshow, so there is nothing you have to learn before making videos with Decinema.(aGB Review)

Pre-made Templates

Inside this package you will get the collection of done-for-you templates with many topics and styles:   Styleboardcast-Slideshow, Cinematic-Parallax, Surreal Photo Gallery, Dynamic Vintage, Parallax Memory, Parallax Romance, Point-Break-Slideshow, and more.

If you want to make changes to them for unique videos of your own, the following bundles of Decinema review will give comprehensive assistance:

  • 61 Comic Bubbles Storyboard
  • 75 Funny Emoticons Storyboard
  • 15 Infographics Storyboard
  • 18 Mockups Storyboard

They are all included in the Front-end offer so you don’t have to pay an extra penny to buy those stocks. That big library may cost you over $500+ to buy them originally. Here inside Decinema, you get them totally free.

Lifetime Access and Support

In the Front-end offer, you will get the lifetime access to this software, meaning you will get all future upgrades and extra material stocks. The support from Agus is also very good and fast so you can rely on him.

Training Tutorials

If you have any troubles using Decinema, be sure to check the inbuilt tutorials which guide you through every part of Decinema. Even complete newbies can learn to use this software effectively.(aGB Review)

How does Decinema work?

In just 3 steps, you can use Decinema to create your own unique and attractive videos to boost sales, traffics, and conversions:

  • Step 1: Create a new project and choose a template to go
  • Step 2: Edit the timing, effects, and animations as you want
  • Step 3: Export the videos and done!

Really easy, isn’t? After reading this Decinema review, you can practice right away.

Who should use Decinema?

Decinema is all about creating hypnotic videos to promote something, so you can be anyone to get benefits from this software. I recommend Decinema to all online marketers, social media specialists, product creators, YouTube and FB Ads experts, affilites, and so much more.

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Read the full article at : Decinema Review

JVZoo Academy review

JVZoo Academy review: $1,000,000/year system endorsed by JVZoo

Hey there! It’s great to meet you again. Today we are talking about JVZoo Academy review. This phenomenal course is in the launch right now and Sam Bakker is offering his valuable experience and knowledge in his modules. If you want to make sure the product worth your investment, let’s look at the detailed content introduction and comparison of it with me in this JVZoo Academy.

There are dozens of training courses every month that “reveal” the success stories or case studies to earn big cash. Most of them come from authors we’ve almost never heard of, and the content is also not so promising. This time, Sam Bakker does the different.  Under the JVZoo endorsement, Sam has created a training course that guides people to follow his system and also the secrets to make it big.

If you want to sneak a peek at the content of this JVZoo Academy training or know how you can trust the man named Sam Bakker, this review is for you. In this post, I will give you the most imaginable comparison of this course with existing systems on the market. You will have a complete view to judge it yourself.

Now, stay close to me and let’s go through this JVZoo Academy review together.

JVZoo Academy review – Summary

  • Author and trainer: Sam Bakker
  • Launch Time: April 18, 2017 at 11:00 EDT
  • Early-bird price: $197
  • Price after launch time: $97/month
  • Official website: Click here
  • Recommended: highly recommended
  • Customer Support: Effective and Fast

What is JVZoo Academy?

JVZoo Academy is an ultimate training course created by Sam Bakker focusing on the system to build online income businesses. This course contains 4 modules with comprehensive lessons and case studies of Sam Bakker himself with his 7-figure business.

The lessons will guide you to follow a step-by-step instruction to build your own business. No matter which industry you are working in, there’s always a side for you to take advantages and earn online income from it. Sam Bakker will show you how.

Source Video:

About Sam Bakker

Sam Bakker is a very famous vendor on JVZoo and his major is about internet marketing. With his skills, Sam has built a big business with affiliate marketing which generates 7-figure income a year in net profit.

Has the business talent from his very young age, Sam is now the biggest product creator and JVZoo vendor whose products all businesses love. Sam Bakker is now being on the same stage with many big names in the online marketing industry and he also has his own private training school online. This school only receives a few students every year with an incredibly high entrance fee. But still, the slots for it are always filled up in a few days.

Key Content of JVZoo Academy

In this part of my

, we are going to take a glance at the key content of this course. The course contains 4 modules with other come-along offers that you can get. Let’s look at them right below:

#1: Fundamentals

This module shows you the base of every business. You will get the most basic lessons of affiliate marketing and how Sam Bakker started with it at the very first stage.

#2: Business Foundation

After gaining some first impression about internet marketing and affiliate business, you will learn the best process to start your own business.

#3: Business for Product Vendor

There are 2 ways you can monetize an affiliate business. This is the first way where you learn how to craft great and converting products, and how to recruit the big number of affiliate marketers to promote it.

#4: Business for Affiliate Marketer

This is the second way to earn online income by doing affiliate businesses. You will learn how to promote products from other creators, build the connection, and get the commissions.

So, to sum all up, after this JVZoo Academy review, you will learn the ultimate process to build your businesses with affiliate marketing the way you want.

Why should you join JVZoo Academy?

Reason #1: The creator Sam Bakker is a very trusted expert worldwide.

Reason #2: There is no other course or training system which gets the endorsement of JVZoo, except for this training course.

Reason #3: This course combines 4 different modules with valuable lessons. Each of them can be sold as a stand-alone training system and right here you get all 4 modules.

Reason #4: JVZoo Academy is now in the initial launch discount time. If you don’t get the one-time payment now, you will have to pay monthly subscription in the future.

After reading the above parts of my JVZoo Academy review, you might have the answer for yourself.

The below parts in my JVZoo Academy review will support the 4 reasons above with more evaluations of this training course.



All About Video on Facebook

Facebook is keen to compete with today's leading video-sharing sites, typically YouTube. One of the moves is that this social network is intended to pay for those who upload the catchy clips up here. In addition, the company also slightly "squeeze" the viewer by default to enable auto-play video.
Facebook is keen to compete with today's leading video-sharing sites, typically YouTube. One of the moves is that this social network is intended to pay for those who upload the catchy clips up here. In addition, the company also slightly "squeeze" the viewer by default to enable auto-play video.
To turn off autoplay on Facebook, users can refer to the following steps. With the web browser on your computer, go to the Settings section and drag down under Video. There is an Auto-Play Videos section, select Off. In addition, users can adjust the default video quality in the Video Default Quality section. With mobile devices, open the Facebook application and go to Settings> Account Settings. In the Videos and Photos section, click Autoplay and select Never Autoplay Videos. Also in this section, you can choose to upload high quality photos and videos to Facebook by opening Upload HD.

For those who want to use video to promote a product, when adding a video to a page, a call-to-action (for example, Buy Now) with a link that people can click at the end of the video can be added.

* To add a call-to-action link to a Page's video:

     Start adding videos at the top of the Timeline of Pages
     Click the Do not use an IMAGE button next to the Call to action, then select the call-to-action link
     Enter the URL you want people to visit
     Enter optional title and link description
     Finish adding details to the video and click Post.
*** Please note that Facebook's advertising policies also apply to videos. Rule limit of 20% is the text in the ad that applies to the video ad thumbnail. Videos must be under 45 minutes and less than 1.75 GB. The longer the video, the larger the file size of that video, which may affect video quality. Facebook does not currently offer video download options on facebook. To share videos you watch on Facebook can only share posts only.

If you are the copyright owner of a video that has been uploaded to Facebook, click the video to expand it to a separate window and then click on the option below. Select Report / Remove tag and click Is this your intellectual property? You will be redirected through the reporting process. In addition, you can report content that owns the copyright from the copyright page

To share content from Facebook on the web, simply embed a public or public video. When you embed an article that contains a video, the message posted with that video will be added. When you embed a video, only the video player is added.

* To embed video:

     Go to the video you want to embed
     Click Image at the top right of the article and select Embed video
     Copy and paste the display code and add that code to your own site
If you embed a video and its content changes from Everyone, a message indicates that an embedded video that is no longer available will appear on the site.

One good thing about Facebook now is that it can stream live video on Facebook, which is a real-time broadcast of a public character whose Facebook Page or verified personal page. Videos may appear in your Newsstand as the broadcast progresses and after the broadcast ends, any interaction with the video may (like, comment and share live video). After the live video feed on Facebook ends, the video will remain on the page, which will be viewable on Facebook. If you are a public character whose Facebook Page or Page is already verified, you need to download Facebook Mention to play live video on Facebook.







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